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August 7, 2018

Speed Skating

Be the fastest in our specialised high-performance speed skating suits

Whether inline on the ice, our high-performance sublimated speed skating skin suits are engineered for optimum aerodynamics and comfort, and are at the cutting-edge of speed skating sportswear. Created in collaboration with elite athletes and national teams, our gear is renowned as being functional, innovative, stylish and most importantly, the fastest. Our suits have been worn during a World Record setting race and at the Youth Olympic Games.

Engage in cutting-edge technology

Engage Athletic speed skating skin suits are designed with science and innovation as the primary focus. We apply engineering principles and global technological advancements to constantly improve our products. We understand that our garments need to enhance the efforts of athletes who push the limits.

With this synergy between athletic performance and race wear, we provide a solution which makes every athlete the best they can be.


Whether you’re skating recreationally, at training or competitively, our speed skating skin suits ensure optimal performance. The expertise, craftsmanship and aerodynamics in our race wear enhances every performance.

Competitive advantage

Gain an edge over your competition with our unrivalled technologically advanced speed skating skin suits. Every panel of our suits is meticulously engineered to optimise aerodynamics, comfort, safety and durability in high wear/friction areas. You can be secure in the knowledge that you and your team are wearing the best.

First-hand experience

Our team of designers include current athletes who advise, develop and test our garments before we go to market. This means that we understand and construct our speed skating skin suits with a genuine passion and understanding of what you need. From the moment you step into your Engage Athletic custom sportswear, you are already a step ahead of your competition.

Official Suppliers to the 2018 Youth Olympic Team & Skate Australia National Inline Speed Team

We are proud to have been selected to design and make the official competition wear, on behalf of Asics, for the Australian Inline Speed Skating Team for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The official green & gold aerosuits were made entirely in our Melbourne factory to the exact specifications required by the team. Read our portfolio piece to learn more about how these suits were made.

We value our long-standing partnership with Skate Australia, tailoring and manufacturing the national team’s on- and off-track apparel at key competitions including World Roller Games, World Championships and Oceania Championships. This included supplying the skin suit worn by Daniel Greig at World Roller Games 2019 where he won the men’s inline 100m Sprint and set a new World Record. We also partner with Australian State and local clubs to provide custom skating race wear and apparel.

As an Australian owned & operated business, we pride ourselves on supporting the talents of young elite athletes.

Skin Suit Repair Service

Have you raced hard on the track and your skin suit has paid the price? We provide a skin suit repair service. Contact us today.

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Engage Athletic Ice Short Track Customisable Range

Aero Ice Speed Skating Full Cut Speed Skating Suit

Performance Aero Short Track Dyneema Level 3 EN388 Full Cut Resistant Suit

Aero Ice Speed Skating Semi Cut Speed Skating Suit - Inside

Performance Aero Short Track Dyneema Level 3 EN388 Semi Cut Resistant Suit

Ice Speed Skating Protective Undersuit

Performance Short Track Dyneema Level 3 EN388 Full Cut Resistant Under Suit

Engage Athletic Inline Customisable Range

Performance Skating Skinsuit

Performance Skinsuit

High Performance Skating Long Sleeve Aerosuit

High Performance Long Sleeve Aerosuit

High Performance Skating Short Sleeve Aerosuit

High Performance Short Sleeve Aerosuit