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Covid-19: Challenge, Opportunity & Community (Part 2)

Medical Gowns Medical Gowns  

Gowns  Medical Gowns 

The Covid-19 global pandemic has taken so much from so many.  At EA HQ, we were keen to explore opportunities to give back to the community.  After some research, we discovered the incredible Victorian-based charity Gowns for Doctors.

Gowns for Doctors was founded by Bendigo-based GPs Dr. Nicole Townsend and Dr. Kirby White in response to the increasingly short supply of PPE available to regional Victorian clinics during the pandemic.  Not only do fabric gowns offer a health protection solution, they also offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.  One reusable gown worn over six months is the equivalent of over 130 single use gowns.  The charity has sent out over 5,200 reusable gowns – the equivalent of 676,000 single use gowns!

Specialists in custom sportswear, we had never made gowns before.  But at EA HQ, we love a challenge and a chance to try something new.  We also pride ourselves on tailored solutions for our partners.  We promptly adapted a medical gown pattern to enable the efficient manufacture of a gown providing good coverage, comfort, aesthetics and durability.

We have been honoured to deliver three batches of high quality heavy duty cotton gowns to this charity, to be passed on to the wonderful and selfless doctors, nurses and medical staff across regional Victoria who have been and continue to work tirelessly and put themselves at risk for the sake of community health.

“How amazing are these gowns. We are so pleased to be working with Engage Athletic to provide much needed gowns to Victorian Doctors.”

– Dr. Kirby White, Gowns for Doctors, September 2020

Our favourites were the “sunshine gowns”, golden gowns to help lift the spirits for doctors and patients alike, whilst keeping everyone safe.  Check out the photos above, taken in our Melbourne factory showing the manufacturing process in reverse, from finished product back to the initial fabric ‘lay’ for bulk cutting.

In addition to supplying gowns, EA has also developed a range of high quality 3-layer face masks.

We love working with Australian organisations, clubs and athletes that share our values and appreciate Australian Made and Ethically Made products and service. We welcome you to call us on +61394643633, view our range of face masks, or request a quote via the buttons below: